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Burbz is A La Carte Property Management

What is a la carte management?


Every property is unique.  Burbz offers landlords the flexibility to determine themselves which services fit their needs and budgets.

I am a long distance landlord…


Great!  Our software allows you to partner with a local individual.  You have more control now, even if your property is far, far away.

But I only need a little bit of help…


No problem.  With a la carte, there is no minimal requirement!  Utilize our free landlord software to fit the gaps you need covered.

Free landlord software


No monthly dues.  No membership fees.  We don’t ask for your credit card to get started!  What’s better than free?! Seriously, we’d like to know.


Hire a local agent to handle specific issues

Through Burbz, you can hire local agents and determine which tasks you prefer they handle or you control.

Coordinate lease

Determine who selects the tenant, whose lease document you will use, and who will coordinate this process with the applicants.

Review tenant application

Burbz offers reports for background screenings and credit checks. You may consider using your local agent to call references, previous landlords, or analyze screening reports for tenant consideration.

Open House

Especially if you’re an out-of-town landlord, having a local agent help with the open house is crucial. Determine who sets the open house date

Advertise/ Listing

Burbz provides tools to list your property on multiple rental sites, but you may need help with addressing all the calls and emails. Local agents will also have access to MLS if you wish to list there
Burbz is FREE landlord software

Is it truly free?

Yes.  We will not ask for your credit card to operate on Burbz. Truly is free landlord software.

How do we make money?

We provide the essential tools every landlord needs free: rent collection and screening reports. We provide additional tools that we earn revenue from: rental estimates and legal documents.

Burbz also generates revenue from tenant oriented features; paying rent by credit card, tenant screening reports.

Why offer a great product for free?

As landlords ourselves, it is important that we help our fellow landlords minimize their operating expenses.


Burbz free online rent collection



Rent collection has never been this simple! Tenants pay directly to your bank account without seeing your personal information. Click to learn more

Burbz rental estimates



Set the right price for your rental by using our powerful rental estimate service.  Click to learn more.

It is easy to list your rental through Burbz!



Minimize vacancies by listing your property on all the popular sites. Get more exposure through Burbz listings feature. Click to learn more

Burbz offers FREE background screening reports



Select the perfect tenants for your unit. Review and screen applicants in an easy to use format to find the best candidate. Click to learn more

Maintenance is easy to track with Burbz



Stay organized with the maintenance of your rental. Burbz allows landlords, managers, tenants, and contractors to all communicate and track open items. Build your team to quickly delegate tasks by trade.

Find a local partner and share access on Burbz



Build the perfect team. Connect with local vendors and agents to assign work, receive proposals, and compare services. Click to learn more

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