Payments and Bonus Earnings


Burbz handles payment distributions.

Sit back.  Relax. 

On Burbz, Rent Funnels Directly to You

Landlords and Co-Manager distributions are immediate.

Unlike Property Management.

Property management companies want to control your money.  Requiring you to maintain a retainer account.

Payout Process

Tenants payment screen

1) Tenants pay rent

Every time tenants pay rent, Burbz will calculate all Co-Manager earnings.

Online payments that go directly to landlords include:

  • Security Deposit
  • Pet Deposit
  • Late Fees

2) Burbz calculates earnings

Based on the agreements established between Landlord and Co-Manager, Burbz will calculate the appropriate earnings.


  • Monthly Management Fee
  • Leasing Bonus
  • On-Time Rent Bonus

Monthly Management

This portion is earned for monthly coordination.  Typically earned every time rent is collected.

Leasing Bonus

Burbz confirms orignal tenant on lease paid and releases this months amortization of bonus.


Burbz confirms if rent was paid on-time.  If so, we calculates the earnings.  If rent is not on due date, then no bonus is earned.

3) Receive Your Earnings

Burbz calculates all this within seconds.  So you receive your rent payments faster.  More accuracy and less frustrations.  For all parties.


Standard ACH takes 5-7 days.

Facts about Burbz Payouts

Standard process for all Co-Managers.

Who Does Tenant Pay Rent To?

Landlord.  Always.


When Do Landlords Receive Rent?

 ACH payments typically take 5-7 days.

When Does Co-Mgr Earn Fees?

Same time as landlord.  Leasing bonuses are amortized monthly.

Facts about Property Management Payouts

Every property management company is different.  These are typical terms.

Who Does Tenant Pay Rent To?

Property management company.

When Do Landlords Receive Rent?

Last week of month.  Payouts are typically initiated the 15th-20th each month.  Plus ACH durations.

When Does PM Earn Fees?

Before the landlord.  They take their cut then pay landlords.  Also, leasing bonus is earned 1st month.

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