Property management is EVIL!


Your Property. Their Terms.

There are many terms for property management.  As a landlord, it is important to understand the property management terms before agreeing to them.  Management agreements will include terms that are unfair to landlords.

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Learn the major issues with property management terms

Late Fees

evil property management terms for late fees

Majority of property managers keep all late fees.  Meaning they financially gain when a tenant they placed pays late.

Burbz automatically distributes all late fees to landlord.  Your risk, your reward.

On-Time Rent

evil property management terms for on-time rent

Property managers have no incentive to find tenants who pay on-time.  In fact, opposite is true since they keep late fees.

Co-Managers may receive a bonus for on-time rent.  Aligning your interest with theirs.  Bonuses are negotiated.

Leasing Fees

evil property management terms for leasing

Regardless how long it takes to find a tenant, Property Managers earn their full leasing fee.

If you find the tenant, they still earn their full leasing commission.

Burbz uses an incentive that negatively impacts the Co-Managers bonus the longer it takes.

Vacancy / Budget

evil property management terms for vacancy

Due to their guaranteed leasing fee, Property Managers have no recourse if your property sits vacant.

Also, they do not share rental applications for your review and approval.

On Burbz, landlords always have full transparency.  You have access to review all applications on Burbz.

Sales Commission!

evil property management terms for selling your rental!

Property Management company is guaranteed the sales commission if you sell your property. There is a clause in their management contract.

Whether their agent assisted in the sale or not.

Burbz never ties Co-Managers to the sale of a property.  Landlords may choose to use their Co-Manager, but always as an option.

Controls Your Money

evil property management terms for controlling your moeney

All of your rent is funneled through the management company.  Holding your money hostage for weeks.

Property managers collect rent and deduct all expenses. It is impossible to argue unfair expenses.

Burbz always sends money directly to the landlord!  Co-Managers NEVER have access to your actual money.

Minimum Repair Costs

Minimum repair costs for your rental property

You give permission for management to spend up to a ‘minimum threshold’ without informing you.  Even for minor items that can wait.

Landlords cannot defer repairs or select contractors. Landlords learn when their monthly rent checks are smaller than expected.

Burbz offers complete transparency on all maintenance tickets.  Landlords can tell Co-Managers to defer.

Maintenance Invoices

Track maintenance invoices online

There are property management companies who do not provide contractor invoice backups on their maintenance invoices.

No transparency on the actual cost.  No indictation if management added time for their coordination.

Burbz offers complete transparency on all maintenance tickets.  Landlords can tell Co-Managers to defer.

Bonus Payouts

Property managers earn 50% of their annual income from leasing.  Providing little incentive for the remaining 11 months.

Even if tenants move-out or stop paying, the bonus has already been paid.

Burbz amortizes vacancy/leasing bonuses for a 12-month period.  When rent is paid, they earn their share.

Termination Clause

Terminating a Management Agree will cost you 100% of their remaining fees!  Regardless of performance, they are fully paid.

Contracts are 1 year. Landlords must give a 60-day notice.  Property Manager’s only give 30 days. Agreements auto-renew for a year.

Burbz offers month-to-month contracts, only a 30 day notice.  Plus! No termination fees.

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