Better way to rent

Powerful tools to make renting easier.

Tenants can submit rental applications online, pay rent online and even split rent with roommates.

The better way to rent

Burbz gives tenants powerful tools to make renting and moving quite easy. You can submit rental applications, pay rent online, and split rent with roommates.

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Finding rentals can be tiring and applications can get expensive. Burbz improves this process by helping you to:
  • Create a profile and application that can be reused
  • Pay for your screening reports directly instead of paying the landlord
  • Build your renter history to establish yourself on future rental applications

Rent Collection

Paying rent is simple with Burbz. Here’s an overview of why.
  • Pay with direct deposit, credit, or debit
  • Set up automatic monthly payments
  • Keep your confidential information secured
  • Split rent with roommates


No apartment or home will ever be perfect. When things start to break, Burbz helps to coordinate and resolve issues quickly. Our system allows you to:
  • Create maintenance requests
  • Upload photos and videos of the problem
  • Coordinate with vendors to fit around your schedule


Pay rent with credit cards

While paying with direct deposit is free, Burbz allows you to pay by debit orcredit card. These payments come with a 2.75% fee but are immediately available to your landlord to avoid late fees.

Rental insurance

Most landlord require renters insurance, and your belongings are not protected without it. Burbz partners with Jetti to help renters get reliable insurance at fair prices.

Background screening

Show potential landlords you mean business by preparing screening reports. A bundle costs $35.99 and will establish you as a reliable renter.


My landlords requested I use Burbz, which at first I was hesitant.  Once setup, I actually found value using their payment system rather than Vemno.  I use auto-pay and don’t have to worry about it now.

Julie Tanner

My roommates are lazy. lol.  At least with Burbz each of us pay our share of rent so I don’t have to bother collecting from each of them.

Chris Lam

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