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Best way to collect rent online.  Easy.  No cost.

Rent collection through Burbz goes directly to your bank account.  Easiest online rent payments for landlords and tenants.

Online Rent Collection for Portfolio

Start collecting rent online with Burbz.

Tenants can pay rent via ACH or credit card.  Free online rent collection service for landlords!

Setup Property

Create a property profile that indicates key information.  Late fees amount. Late fees date. Rent Due Date. And even prorate 1st month.

Connect Bank

Tenants pay rent directly to your bank account.  No more sharing your bank information!  Easy for tenants, so they can pay you on time.

Automated Systems

Automatic late notices are emailed to tenants.  Partial payments can be blocked.  Review status for every property and unit.
collect rent online and tenants can pay by ACH or credit card

Pay Rent Online

Tenants can pay rent online through Burbz.  Payments go directly to the landlords bank account.

Late Rent Indicator

Once rent is considered past due, payments will automatically add the late fee.  Tenants receive email notifications for reminders.  Specifcy due dates and late fee amounts.

ACH Payments are free

When rent is paid by ACH, there is no cost.  Tenants can set up their bank accounts and set auto-payments.  Standard payments take 5-7 business days.

Pay by credit card.

Credit card payments are faster transactions to avoid late fees.  Tenants pay a credit card fee of 2.75% per transaction.

Pay different payment types

Burbz payments allow for rent, late fees, pet rent and security deposits to be paid.

Maintenance ticketing for landlords

Portfolio Management

Quickly review the status for every property and unit.

Rent Roll Status

Allow Burbz to flag late rent.  When rents are passed due, the property status becomes red to draw attention.  Use Burbz to as your rent roll template.

Important Dates

Property cards will indicate when leases expire.  Stay proactive on lease renewals and never let a vacancy sneak up on you.

Online rent collection for portfolio
collect rent online and rent roll feature

Income & Expense Tracker

Track online rent payments and expenses.  Burbz records every transaction that occurs on our rental freeware.

View Portfolio or Specific Property

View profit and loss on the portfolio level.  Or view a specific property and unit.

Manually Add Items

For transactions that occur offline but you still to record, our tracker allows you to manually input.

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collect rent online

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Collect rent online and directly to your bank

Online Rent Collection

Online rent collection has never been this simple! Tenants pay direct to your bank account.  They do not see your personal information. Learn more

Pull Background Reports and Credit Checks on potential tenants

Background Screening

Select the perfect tenants for your unit. Review and screen applicants in an easy to use format.  Find the best candidate. Learn more

Stay on top of maintenance or coordinate with vendors easier

Maintenance Ticketing

Stay organized with the maintenance of your rental. Landlords, managers, tenants, and contractors can all communicate. Track open items. Build your team and delegate tasks by trade. Learn more.

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