Rental Property Management on a Landlord Friendly Platform

When you want to hire a property manager, Burbz is your best solution for a landlord oriented system.  Landlords can hire full-service or partial scope rental property management.

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Benefits for landlords seeking rental property management

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A la carte management

Landlords have the opportunity to hire full-service rental managers.  Unlike the traditional approach, landlords on Burbz can also hire partial management.

free property management software

Safer method for management

Burbz platform was designed by landlords to improve a broken system.  By hiring a property manager on Burbz, landlords have more transparency on their rental properties.  Access to records.

free property management software to make life easier

Modern rent flow

With modern technology, there is no reason why property managers should ever hold onto your rent money!  Our system automatically sends rent to the landlords bank account but also pays the managers fees simultanelously. 


Rent collections directly to the landlord

Regardless of the property manager you select through Burbz, you can rest assure your collected rent goes directly into your bank account.  Managers receive their fees when you receive rent.  Now your money is home; your bank.



    Faster rent payments

    Automated PM fees

    Safest method

The Burbz method

free landlord software and free background reports

Traditional PM method

free landlord software and free background reports
free landlord software to collect rent

Transparency on your rentals activities

The biggest compliant amongst landlords is being left in the dark with their property manager.  Not hearing about minor yet expensive repairs until weeks later when their rent checks are less than expected.  Regardless of your manager, you will have access to all the same data they do.  Allowing you to see maintenance and rent issues.


    Access to maintenance requests

    Access to rent collection

    More transparency

Burbz is FREE landlord software

Is it truly free?

Yes.  Landlords have full access to all of our property management software for free if they self-perform.  There is a $5 monthly fee if landlords hire a property manager to co-manage.

How do we make money?

We provide the essential tools every landlord needs free: rent collection and screening reports. We provide additional tools that we earn revenue from: rental estimates and legal documents.

Burbz also generates revenue from tenant oriented features; paying rent by credit card, tenant screening reports.

Why offer a great product for free?

As landlords ourselves, it is important that we help our fellow landlords minimize their operating expenses.

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