Incentive Based Property Management

Co-Management is FAIR.  Property management is evil.

More affordable.  Better quality.  More transparent.  Complete control.  The perfect property management option for landlords who want to be involved.

More aligned with your financial interests.

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Co-Management has friendly terms for landlords.

Our terms can Earn-Earn partnerships.

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Co-Management is an incentive-based contracts.

Rewarding financially for achieving success.

What is Co-Management

Perfect property management plan for landlords who want to be involved

Alternative to Property Management.

Do you need to hire property management?  Would you prefer to self-perform any scopes? Co-management allows complete control over your rental properties.

  • Hyper-local Independent Contractors.  Hire neighbors to assist with ‘local’ tasks.  Or, all tasks.
  • Complete Control.  Landlords set certain access viewing/editing rights.
  • Hire within Your Budget.  All co-managers are independent contractors.  Request proposals, interview, negotiate and hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-Managers all have unique ratings.

How is it better quality of service?

Co-Managers have ratings based on key sub-categories (i.e. Maintenance Coordination, Communication, Tenant Selection).  These ratings become their ‘brand’, therefore higher ratings can validate their quality and justify higher rates or better close rates.
Landlords grant their Co-Managers certain access rights.

How is it more transparent?

It is your responsibility to grant your Co-Manager viewing rights to whatever you want/need them to see.  You will always see every transaction, request, and expense!

Discover more on transparency and control.
A la carte management means paying for only what you need.

I only need help with a few tasks.

That’s the beauty of Burbz!  We allow landlords to create the ideal scope of tasks you wish to hire out.  Since it’s a la carte approach, you decide! 

 Learn more about setting scope.
Co-Management can save 25-35% compared to traditional

Does it cost more?

Let me think about that…no!

Compared to ‘full-service’ property management, our landlords see a 25-35% savings in management!  If you have a mortgage then you can see your Net Profit nearly increase by 2.5 times! 

Calculate your savings here.
Co-Management offers an Earn-Earn partnership

How does co-managing save me money?

To summarize: bonus and incentive based structure. Co-Management contracts are all competitive and negotiated, based on Earn-Earn partnerships.

Learn about incentives.
Property managers online

Who are these co-managers?

Anybody who is willing to work hard and earn income.  They can be realtors or neighbors.  As long as they are excited about an Earn-Earn partnerships and can provide you great customer service. 

Interested in incentive based Co-Management?

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Getting Started is Easy



Start using Burbz free software.  Rent collection. Tenant screening reports. Maintenance ticketing.

Request Proposals

Create a proposal request.  Receive and review proposals.  Interview and negotiate terms.

Hire Co-Manager

Accept management terms.  Grant access to properties and data you wish them to see.

Prefer to self-manage everything?

Burbz offers landlords a free management software

Collect rent online and directly to your bank

Online Rent Collection

Online rent collection has never been this simple! Tenants pay direct to your bank account.  They do not see your personal information. Learn more

Pull Background Reports and Credit Checks on potential tenants

Background Screening

Select the perfect tenants for your unit. Review and screen applicants in an easy to use format.  Find the best candidate. Learn more

Stay on top of maintenance or coordinate with vendors easier

Maintenance Ticketing

Stay organized with the maintenance of your rental. Landlords, managers, tenants, and contractors can all communicate. Track open items. Build your team and delegate tasks by trade. Learn more.

Free landlord software, no monthly contracts or fees

Free?  Yes.


Burbz provides the essential tools that any landlord or manager will need. Free!  This is our commitment to the value of helping landlords. Revenue is generated through non-essential tools.  Learn More.

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A la carte property management

Looking to hire a property manager?

Consider co-management.

Burbz platform is the only solution to bring landlords and managers together.  Landlords have complete transparency of their rental management.

•  Request proposals, see their rates

•  Interview candidates

•  You define the scope of service

•  More affordable, best customer service

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