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Co-Management vs. Property Management Fees.


Learn the different fees and terms that each industry uses.  Decide which is the best fit for your need.

How do management costs compare?

Rates and Terms

What makes co-management more desirable are the property management fees.  Co-Management focuses on performance and rewarding Co-Managers for earning more profits.






Monthly Management


Property Manager

Late Fees: Who Keeps?


Not Offered

On-Time Rent Bonus


1st Rent Check

Leasing Fee

No fee.  See Vacancy

No limit. No ramification.


Negotiated: Set in Weeks.

Not Applicable

Burbz Software


Compare with your actual property

Example of cost savings

Same Property. Different Management Fees.


$1,500 per month


3 weeks.  How long the unit expects to sit empty.  No rent.

Property Management

Traditional fees.  PM keeps late fees.  No recourse for vacancy or expenses.

Burbz / Co-Management

Incentive based contracts.  Earn-Earn relationships.  All terms are negotiatable.

Vacancy Loss

No rent earned during tenant turnover.


Actual loss of revenue


Co-Mgr bonus is tied to vacancy, not leasing.  Co-Mgr proposes ‘vacancy’ budget, earn remainder.  This example is 4 weeks.

Leasing Fee

Earned for placing a new tenant.


Paid upfront.  Earns 1st rent check.


Co-Mgr earns a bonus from Vacancy.  Amortized over lease.


Monthly percent of rent.


Annually.  10% of rent.


Annually. 6% of rent.

On-Time Rent

Bonus opportunity to find good tenants.


Not offered.  PM’s prefer late fees instead.


Max bonus. 1.5% per month.  Incentive to lease good tenants

Burbz Fee

Access to Co-Management platform.


Not used.


$10 per month.  Only taken once rent payment occurs.

Total Annually

Sum of all max potential earnings


Owed even if you terminate their services


Based on ‘max’ potential for On-Time Rent and Leasing bonus. Minimum is $2,585



34.20% savings on Management and Vacancy

Our Features

Benefits and Protection for Landlords


Month-to-Month Contracts

Co-Managers operate on a month-to-month contract.  Allowing easy terimination.

Amortize Bonus

Rather than pay leasing bonusess up front, Burbz amortizes.  Paid monthly when rent is paid.


All funds are allocated when rent is paid.  Landlord and Co-Manager receive their earnings simultanelousy.

Late Fees

Your risk, your reward.  Late fees are paid to landlords.

Negotiate Terms

All terms are negotiated between landlord and Co-Manager.  No set rates.

On-Time Rent Bonus

Co-Manager can earn bonus when rent is paid on-time.  Burbz allocates accordingly.

Ratings & Reviews

Co-Managers have ratings.  This justifies their quality.  Only Burbz landlords can rate.

Vacancy Bonus

Co-Managers propose a ‘vacancy budget’.  This becomes their potential ‘leasing bonus’.

Rent Collected

All payments are initiated by rent payment.  Preventing you from being underwater on fees.

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