Interviewing Managers

Open and transparent communication. You set expectations.

Burbz encourages landlords to interview managers.  This is your opportunity to ask questions to managers.

Direct Communication

We believe in direct communication.  After co-managers submit their management proposal, landlords are encouraged to chat directly with the co-manager.

Email and phone numbers are provided.

questions to ask property manager
questions to ask property manager

Negotiate Scope

After receiving proposals from interested co-managers, you can negotiate scope and terms.  Landlords always have complete control of their scope.

Setup Co-Manager

When selecting a co-manager, the last step is stepping up shared access.  Landlords always have access to your data.

Landlords grant co-managers access rights for income / expenses, maintenance and setting up tenants / leases.  Assign co-manager to your entire portfolio or specific rental property.

questions to ask property manager
8 Questions to ask property manager when interviewing

Setup Co-Management Today.

A la carte property management

Looking to hire a property manager?

Consider co-management.

Burbz platform is the only solution to bring landlords and managers together.  Landlords have complete transparency of their rental management.

•  Request proposals, see their rates

•  Interview candidates

•  You define the scope of service

•  More affordable, best customer service

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