Co-Management Proposals


Receive and review proposals from interested Co-Managers.

Managers submit proposals through Burbz

Meet the person

Know exactly who will be managing your rental property.  Never be passed from a sales person to a poor performing manager.  Burbz encourages a direct relationship with whomever will be co-managing.

Landlords can contact the proposing property manager
Property management proposals are clear and easy to read

Clear Rates and Bonuses

Nothing to hide.  Rates are shown upfront before you even make an intro call.  Every Co-Manager will provide their own proposed rates.  All rates are negotiated between landlords and co-managers.

Vacancy and Leasing Details

Max Vacancy Budget / Bonus

What makes Burbz unqiue is our vacancy / leasing method.  Landlords see proposed vacancy budgets by Co-Managers.  Since vacancy/leasing budgets are amortized, see the max monthly payouts with zero vacancy.

Management is paid to minimize your vacancy exposure
Management proposal fees breakdown

Vacancy Breakdown

Co-Managers have an incentive to minimize vacancy.  See their potential earnings when vacancy adds up.

Bio, Experience and Situational

Learn About Their Experience

Co-Managers can share their experience co-managing.  Whether it is on Burbz or even their own rental properties.

Property managers answer questions about their experience
Managers provide responses to situational questions

Situational Questions

Co-Managers explain how they handle important scenarios when co-managing your rental property.  It is important to know their plan.

Self-Performing Maintenance

Landlords get frustrated with excessive maintenance expenses from property managers.  On Burbz, utilize Co-Managers who are capable of self-performing and are customer-centric to save money.

Co-managers share their maintenance capabilities

Setup Co-Management Today.

A la carte property management

Looking to hire a property manager?

Consider co-management.

Burbz platform is the only solution to bring landlords and managers together.  Landlords have complete transparency of their rental management.

•  Request proposals, see their rates

•  Interview candidates

•  You define the scope of service

•  More affordable, best customer service

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