Monthly Management


Tasks to hire out.  Task to self-perform.  Your choice!


Burbz believes the best and most fair solution for property management is monthly agreements.  This protects landlords and allows managers an opportunity to shine.

Landlords enjoy month-to-month management contracts
Landlords can hire local management to help

Co-Management Monthly

Hire a local co-manager to assist with monthly coordination of your rental portfolio.  Co-Managers are month-to-month contracts and only have access to tasks you allow them to edit or view.

Burbz provides a transparents platform.  Although you might not perform the tasks, always have access to live data of your rental portfolio.

What Goes Into Monthly Management?

These are common tasks that are performed monthly or rountinely.


Vet Maintenance Requests

Receive maintenance requests and tickets.  Tenants may communicate directly with co-manager.


Routine Inspections / Filters

Perform an inspection on the property.  Also, replace HVAC filters.  Inspections vary from monthly to annually.


Coordinate Repairs

Responsible for calling and coordinating contractor and tenants for repairs.  As well as following up afterwards.


Late / Eviction Notifications

If required, send the proper notification documents and deliver a copy to the property. 

Add Income / Expenses

Input transactions offline into your Burbz account.  Manually add cash payments or repair expenses.

Rent Collection

Track and follow up tenants regarding rent payments.  Set tenants up on Burbz for auto-payments.

Share access to rental property data

Free maintenance ticketing system for landlords

Maintenance Ticketing System

Whether self-managing or co-managing, Burbz offers a ticket system to track repairs.

 Tenants submit details for the issue, photos and their availability.

Income / Expense Ledger

Track all your income and expense transactions on Burbz.  Manually input any offline transactions.  Track by property, unit and scope type.

Consider giving Co-Managers access to update reports for you.


Track your rental income and expenses online

"As a landlord myself, we created Burbz so other landlords can choose what's best for their rentals"

– Kenny Dahill, founder

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A la carte property management

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Burbz platform is the only solution to bring landlords and managers together.  Landlords have complete transparency of their rental management.

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