On-Time Rent Bonus


More beneficial to landlords.  Unique to Burbz.

Landlords and managers both want on-time rent.

What is On-Time Rent Bonus?

Exactly as it sounds.  Every time the tenant pays rent on-time, Co-Manager’s have an opportunity to earn a bonus.

Burbz automatically calculates all earnings.  Earnings are sent to both landlord and Co-Manager at the same time.

What To Know About On-Time Rent Bonus?

Commonly asked questions.

Why Is This A Thing?

Traditional property managers earn late fees.  Creating an incentive for bad tenants who pay late.  Burbz solves this with On-Time Rent Bonus!

What Percent of Rent?

Negotiated during the interview process.  Tyically 0-3% depending on the quality of rental property.  Harder to rent areas typically have a higher rate.

Do I Have To Pay?

Nope.  It is negotiated between you and the co-manager.

How Does the Co-Manager Earn It?

Simple.  When a rent payment is made, Burbz confirms if it is on-time.  If so, Burbz automatically sends the Co-Manager their earnings.

How Is It Calculate?

(Rent) x (On-Time Rent %)

Is This Every Month?

Yes.  However, you can revise the percentage.

Do Co-Manager's Like This?

They understand landlords want managers who have a skin in the game.  This is an opportunity for landlord and co-manager to share risk.

Are Rates the Same for All Properties?

No.  Landlords have the flexibility to negotiate different rates for different properties.

Who Earns Late Fees?

You do.  Landlords bare the risk, therefore they should earn the late fees!

Rent Roll

Burbz records all transactions of rent and dates paid.  Keep better track of records.


Track all your income and expenses for each rental property. Both online and offline.

"As a landlord myself, we created Burbz so other landlords can choose what's best for their rentals"

– Kenny Dahill, founder

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