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Incentive-based property management


Co-management was created to benefit East Valley landlords and managers.  Align their interests so everybody involved succeeds together.


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We let landlords decide the best rental management option

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Hire full-service property manager in the East Valley

Landlords can hire a full-service property manager.  Through Burbz platform, landlords have more transparency on their rental property’s management.  All management fees are negotiated.


    Faster Rent Payouts

    Individual PM’s

    Small Business Owners

Hire management help but still self manage.

What makes Burbz truly unique is our a la carte property management.  If you feel more comfortable self-managing or want to save more profits, consider a Co-Manager.


    Affordable Management

    More Control & Transparency


free landlord software to collect rent

Why Burbz is the most landlord-friendly management solution

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Rent paid directly to Landlord.

With modern technology, there is never a need for managers to hold onto rent money.  Tenants pay online and landlords receive their payments in a matter of days, instead of weeks.

Regardless if you use a property manager or co-manager, Burbz platform provides the safest and most transparent solution for landlords when it comes to property management.


    Receive rent payment faster

    Safer for landlords

    Full dashboard access

    Auto-pays Manager earnings

Want to learn more about co-management?

A la carte property management

Looking to hire a property manager?

Consider co-management.

Burbz platform is the only solution to bring landlords and managers together.  Landlords have complete transparency of their rental management.

•  Request proposals, see their rates

•  Interview candidates

•  You define the scope of service

•  More affordable, best customer service

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