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 Free management software

 Landlord leads

Automating tasks

Benefits for our managers

residential property manager can gain leads for new clients

Easier access to leads

Burbz is more than property manage software.  We are also lead generation for our managers.  Landlords nationwide come to Burbz seeking rental managers.  Allow our marketing team to produce leads to save you money and time.

residential property manager tasks are automated

Less risk with automation

Our goal is making your life as a residential property manager easier.  Especially for property management startups.  Burbz approach for rent payouts reduces work for you and removes any commingling risks.

start part-time as a residential property manager

Part-time Opportunities

For many, leaving the cushy full-time job can be scary.  Burbz allows managers to start part-time and grow their book of business.  This can remain as a solo side hustle for extra income or grow into a large property management company.

Types of residential managers that use Burbz

Property Manager

Property managers that are licensed can use Burbz to provide their full service scope.  Use traditional fee structures.  Burbz calculates your fees any time rent is paid on Burbz and pays you directly.


    Monthly Management Fee

    Leasing Bonus

    Late Fees

Property managers can use Burbz rental software
Co-Management is modern property management for landlords


Co-Managers may or may not be licensed.  This is a great start as you enter the industry part-time or want to earn side hustle income.  Co-Managing is the process of working alongside the landlord to provide certain services. This may be full or partial service and has a modern set of incentive-based fees and bonuses.


    Licensed not required

    Work with Landlord

    Incentive-Based Bonsues

    Partial or Full Service

Software Features

Grow your book of business with our help

Clients are important for your success.  We help your management business take off and expand with our landlord lead generation.  As a registered member, you gain access to these interested landlords.


    Landlord Leads

    Submit Proposals

    Interview with Landlords

free landlord software and free background reports
free landlord software to collect rent

Property Manaement Software

Our goal is making every party succeed.  Residential property managers, landlords and even Burbz.  That value starts with our rental software.  We believe providing the tools for your success help all other parties.  To help you increase profits, we do our best to make the software free.


    No Monthly Charges

    Online Rent Collection

    Free screening reports

    Income / Expense Tracker

Burbz handles rent payouts automatically

What makes Burbz most unique is our method of helping managers automate tasks.  The biggest complaint from landlords is lack of transparency and rent payouts.  To help you avoid angry clients, our solution has resolved these issues which is why landlords trust managers who use Burbz more.


    Automated Rent Payouts

    Fees earned immediately

    Eliminates Commingling Risks

free landlord software and free background reports


Burbz is FREE landlord software
Do you have to use automate rent payouts?

Technically no.  If your clients are not on Burbz then rent payouts are deposited in your bank.  Not fees are taken out.  You will then be responsible for handling rent payouts.

If the landlord is on Burbz, then yes.  Landlords on Burbz will always receive the payout immediately.  A lot of small property managers like this because it saves them time.

What fees are there?

For residential property managers, the only time we charge a fee is when the landlord and manager are both on Burbz.  We charge $5 per transaction.  This is taken out of the rent and not your fees.

If your landlord clients are not on Burbz and the rent is deposited into your bank account, there is no fee.

Do I need a license to be a property maanger?

Burbz requires you to meet your state laws.  Every state has their own unique laws.  Generally, yes.  To be a full-service property manager you will need a license.  Only 3 states do not require a license (Idaho, Maine and Vermont).

Do I need a license to be a co-maanger?

Depends on the services you provide.  Not all tasks require a license.  However, if they do then you must have a license.

For example if you help a landlord with move-out inspections, some states require a license while some do not.

As a manager, am I an employee of Burbz?

No.  Burbz is simply a software that helps you perform your job as a residential property manager.  You will be responsible for all income taxes and your own benefits. 

You are an independent contractor. 

If you work for a property management company who uses Burbz then you’re an employee of that company.

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