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Tenants can submit rental applications online, pay rent online and even split rent with roommates.

Pay rent online and submit rental applications

Renters benefit from Burbz

Renters can pay rent online with ACH or credit card

Pay Rent Online

Renters can pay rent online through Burbz.  Payments go directly to the landlords bank account.

Late Rent Indicator

Renters receive email notifications for reminders.  Specifcy due dates and late fee amounts.

ACH Payments are free

When rent is paid by ACH, there is no cost.  Tenants can set up their bank accounts and set auto-payments.  Standard payments take 5-7 business days.

Pay by credit card.

Credit card payments are faster transactions to avoid late fees.  Tenants pay a credit card fee of 2.75% per transaction.

Pay different payment types

Burbz payments allow for rent, late fees, pet rent and security deposits to be paid.

Renters can pay online with ACH or credit card

Split rent with roommates

Finally, a way for renters to all pay their own rent without the headaches.

Set individual amounts

Burbz allows each renter to pay their share of rent separately.  No more collecting payments from your roommates.  Requires landlords permisison.

Tracks payment status

See the status of every roommates rent payment.  This is important since everybody is responsible for the lease.

Renters can split rent with roommates
Track your online payment history

Payment History

Track online rent payments and deposits.  Burbz records every transaction that occurs on our rental freeware.

Review all fees

Burbz will track every type of payment.  Includes late, pet, move-in and other fees so you can track what type of payments were made.

Status of Deposits

Our software also tracks deposit refunds.

Rent Collection

Paying rent is simple with Burbz. Here’s an overview of why.
  • Pay with direct deposit, credit, or debit
  • Set up automatic monthly payments
  • Keep your confidential information secured
  • Split rent with roommates


No apartment or home will ever be perfect. When things start to break, Burbz helps to coordinate and resolve issues quickly. Our system allows you to:
  • Create maintenance requests
  • Upload photos and videos of the problem
  • Coordinate with vendors to fit around your schedule

Protect Your Personal Belongings

Renters Insurance

Protect your valuable assets such as your TV, computers, entertainment systems, and other personal belongings.

Burbz partners with SURE to provide you with affordable renters insurance.

Renters can split rent with roommates


My landlords requested I use Burbz, which at first I was hesitant.  Once setup, I actually found value using their payment system rather than Vemno.  I use auto-pay and don’t have to worry about it now.
Julie Tanner

My roommates are lazy. lol.  At least with Burbz each of us pay our share of rent so I don’t have to bother collecting from each of them.
Chris Lam

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