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Start protecting your personal belongings and liability with affordable renters insurance.  The process is simple to request!

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How much does renters insurance cost?

Plans start as low as $8 per month!  The more value you own, the more coverage you will want which can increase the price.


Do I need renters insurance?


Often times, renters insurance is a requirement listed in the lease agreement.  Before moving into a rental unit, the landlord or manager can request for proof of insurance.

Even if your lease agreement doesn’t require insurance, it is still encouraged to protect your personal belongings.

What does my Renters Insurance cover?

Renters insurance protects you in a more valuable ways.  Protecting your personal belongings, such as clothes and furniture, and even yourself from unexpected damages and injuries.  The best cheap insurance for your life!

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings are covered against theft, loss, and most forms of destruction.  Your stuff is covered even if it’s in your car or with you on the go.

Covered Against Lawsuits

Your renter’s insurance can cover you in the event you hurt someone or damage their property.


Medical Costs

Things happen.  Even inside your own home.  That’s why your renter’s insurance can cover reasonable medical expenses if someone is hurt on your property.

Burbz partnership with Sure

To bring value to our fellow renters, Burbz has partnered with Sure for your renters insurance needs.  Through our insurance partner, we’ll help make sure your valued assets are protected.


No apartment or home will ever be perfect. When things start to break, Burbz helps to coordinate and resolve issues quickly. Our system allows you to:
  • Create maintenance requests
  • Upload photos and videos of the problem
  • Coordinate with vendors to fit around your schedule

Also consider Burbz online rent

Track your online payment history

Pay Rent Online

Pay your landlords directly without having to share personal information.  Keep records of your payments.

Roommate Splits

Tired of coordinating rent amongst roommates?  With the landlord’s permission, you can set individual rent payments.

Pay by ACH or Credit

Burbz allows you to pay by direct deposit with ACH.  Or, use your credit card.


My landlords requested I use Burbz, which at first I was hesitant.  Once setup, I actually found value using their payment system rather than Vemno.  I use auto-pay and don’t have to worry about it now.
Julie Tanner

My roommates are lazy. lol.  At least with Burbz each of us pay our share of rent so I don’t have to bother collecting from each of them.
Chris Lam

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