Landlord Resources


Guides,  Agreements, Checklists for your Rental Properties


Burbz resource page consist of different legal documents, templates and guides to assist in your property management.  Our landlord resources are a great tool to minimize risk and increase success.


Legal Notices

Notice of Entry

Landlords are required to legally provide a 24 or 48 hour notice before entering the rental property.  Specific to your state’s law.

Late Rent Notice

A legal notice that tenants are official in breach of the lease agreement.

Lease Violation

If your tenants are in breach of their lease agreement, use this document to notify their violation.  Useful for undocumented pets, guests, tenants.

Rent Increase Notice

Notify your existing tenants that renewing a lease will increase rent.

Non-Renewal of Lease Notice

Notify your tenants their lease end date is approach and their lease will not be renewed.

Eviction Notice

Provide proper notification that your tenant is in breach of the lease agreement and they are being evicted.  This legal document is crucial for court appearances indicating you provided all proper noticifations.

Lease Resources

Pet Agreement

Grant permission for tenants to have pets in the rental property during their lease.  Use this agreement to document specific pets.

Sublease Agreement

Grant permission for your tenant to sublease your rental property.

Residential Lease Agreement

State specific lease agreements for your rental property.

Rent Receipt

Record rent payments with this receipt.  Especially valuable for cash or check payments.


Move-in Checklist [pdf]

Properly track the condition of your rental properties for every tenant.  Useful for move-in and move-outs.

How To’s

How to Add a Property

Learn how to add your first property on Burbz.  Step-by-step instructions.

How to Request Screening Reports

Request your first tenant screening reports.  This process involves both the landlord and tenants.